Why does your view matter?

The way you view the world affects every single choice you make each day. Whether you believe in a god that judges your actions, or you believe in defining your own morals, or you feel that you are superior to others, or you believe that nature exists to serve your needs, your own unique world view sets the context for all of your choices. That is why it is so important to understand our true nature – that we are all ONE, and that our conscious choices create the world we live in.

In a world where we are all ONE it changes the entire system of values that have been developed over thousands of years. In a world where we are all ONE, how much sense would it make to promote your desires and wishes above those of another? If you are in fact ONE with the rest of nature and humanity, why would you wish to harm, restrict, or frustrate another part of yourself? In a world where we are all ONE, the health, happiness, and security of each part of the whole directly affects your own health, happiness, and security.

Our entire system of politics, economics, business, education, and healthcare has been designed to cater to the most common needs of the most common people. This means that the needs of those that are not ‘common’ are demoted in favour of the largest group of individuals. Is that the kind of society that we want to create, where our own personal choices and desires are ignored? To do this is to ignore the true nature of reality: There is no single set of common values, common desires, and common choices. If we create a system that only caters to the needs of certain group of individuals, the rest will (consciously or subconsciously) choose to work against such a system. And because we are all ONE, the system that has been created will be constantly under pressure to break apart and come to an end.

In a world where we are all ONE, what is needed is a new approach. Our system of politics, economics, business, education, and healthcare all need to be redesigned to take into account that we are all ONE. For example:

  • Businesses – The vast majority of businesses today are controlled and favour small groups of shareholders and managers. The profits gained through employee effort are redirected to this small group of individuals. In a business that realizes that it cannot exist without all parts of the whole, shareholding would be limited to employees and those directly responsible for the creation of wealth.
  • The Economy – The basic principle behind modern economics is ‘survival of the fittest’. In practice however this means ‘survival of the strongest’. In an economy based on the principle that we are all ONE, we would create a system that would ensure that only the products and companies that all of us want to have, exist. This could be accomplished by drastically changing the amount of transparency required by our businesses and in our economy.
  • Politics (Government) – The most common system of politics employed in the world today is democracy. In most countries that use this system, it means that the political parties elected by the majority of the people that actually voted on election day have control over the government. This is of course a far cry from having a political system that directly represents your wishes. In a political system based on the principle that we are all ONE, a system would be established that creates the opportunity for each citizen to create the life that is best for themselves, and yet in no way prevents others from doing the same for themselves.

These are just a few examples of how our lives and our societies could change if they reflected our true nature – that we are all ONE. What to learn more? Contact us and let’s talk.