What is Unity Theory?

Unity Theory is a new theory that describes who and what we are, why things are the way they are, and where we can go from here. For some it is a scientific theory, for others it is a metaphysical or philosophical theory. Whatever label you choose to give it however, it remains the same: It is a new way to look at ourselves and the world around us.

In an age where we are confronted with questions that are larger then ever, Unity Theory is a guide to help us understand the complex world in which we live: How do we care for the environment? How do we ensure that we have enough food, housing, and entertainment? How do we be and remain healthy? How can we ensure that our lives are the way that we want them to be?

How you answer these questions depends on how you see the world. For thousands of years humankind has seen itself as being separate: Separate from each other, separate from the earth and separate from the rest of the universe. In our lives we interact with things that exist outside of ourselves: We talk to friends, we pick up and eat food, we perform work, we walk over the ground, and when we are tired we lay down to rest on a bed.

Everything that we do is an interaction with the world in which we live, and that is how we have been taught to see the world. Everything is separate from each other, everything has a role or a purpose, a value, a place, an existence outside of ourselves. We can examine these things, study them, and understand them. We can create things and we can destroy things, and because we are separate from all things all of this happens without any effect on ourselves. Or is it so? Are we truly separate from each other, or is this merely an illusion that we have been taught to believe? It all depends on what everything is made of.