The theory in detail

Talking or thinking about what everything is made of, what is consciousness, or what is reality is not something that most of us do every day. That doesn’t mean however that a theory that describes reality has to be difficult, complex, or full of mathematical formulas. Quite the opposite: In a world where we are all ONE life is beautifully simple.

First of all, our entire universe and everything in it is part of an infinitely larger whole called the Unity Field. The Unity Field is a field of infinite possibilities, choices, and information. Everything that ever will be, has been, and is exists now.

Although life may appear limited, it is not. Life is only limited because all things contain Memory. People, objects, and matter all have memory. This enables us to remember who we are, what we are interacting with, and where we are going.

Our memory of ourselves and other things is limited by a Life. All things have a life, and this is an important part of nature. A life represents all of the experiences that you (and other things) have between the time you can remember being you (baby), and the time you stop remembering being you (death). Life represents change, and without change it would be impossible to experience something. It would remain forever static, would not stand out from the background, and we would never notice it.

Although all things come to an end, it does not mean that we die. There is in fact nothing to die. This is because all life is made of but one thing: Consciousness. You are in fact a consciousness that is continually making choices from one minute to the next what you will experience out of the infinite possibilities in the Unity Field. Thanks to your memory you remember those choices and the result of those choices.

All consciousnesses are made up of other consciousnesses, which are all part of a single consciousness called the Unity Consciousness. (Some people call this God.)

If anything is possible, why can’t we all fly, live forever in our current form, or do anything we want to do in this very moment? It’s not because we couldn’t, it just because we’re not aware of how to do it. Awareness is another important part of Unity Theory and our reality. Awareness represents that subset of all of the infinite possibilities in the Unity Field that your consciousness is aware of, and thus is able to choose from.

Finally, the last and perhaps most important part of Unity Theory is the Unity Force. The Unity Force is what drives all action in life. It is what is behind love, hope, and desire. The Unity Force is a force that drives our consciousness to return to unity with all other consciousnesses. It is why it is ‘in our nature’ to grow and learn. The more we experience, the more we return to total unity with all that there is.

For a more detailed discussion of Unity Theory please download the document “Unity Theory”.